Tropical click beetles
November 9, 2009
This click beetle arrived on my verandah the other day. Even after more than 50 years in the tropics I had not seen it before. It was almost 2″ long. 200feet elevation and 600 feet from the sea.Semi residential area with a lot of trees.
St.Lucia West Indies

Click Beetle

Click Beetle

Hi JohnK,
Since we have a train to catch to get to work, we haven’t the time to research a species for your lovely Click Beetle.  Perhaps one of our readers can supply a species name.

Update from Karl
Hi Daniel:
I am fairly certain that this click beetle belongs to the genus Chalcolepidius (Elateridae: Agrypninae); probably C. validus. The species is endemic to the Lesser Antilles south of Guadeloupe and parts of northeastern South America. I couldn’t find an easy link to a reference photo, but if you go to the ‘Scielo Brazil’ website you will find an excellent document that provides a good synopsis for the genus and this species; as well as a photo (look for Figure 83). Regards.

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