Stagmomantis Californica up close.
November 8, 2009
Hey WTB! I thought you might enjoy a couple pictures of this Mantid (which I’m quite sure is a Stagmomantis Californica, please correct me if I’m wrong) perched on a creosote branch.
Michael G.
Southern California, Coachella Valley.

Mantis, but what species???

Mantis, but what species???

Hi Michael,
Your photos are great.  We aren’t certain that this is a Stagomantis.  Perhaps one of our readers can supply a definitive identification.

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One Response to Mantis in California

  1. ismart says:

    Looks to me like a sub-adult male iris oratoria(mediterranean mantis) The orange dot on the underside of the abdomin is a definitive mark for this species. This species was introduced to california in the 1930s.

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