Unknown bug in Saline Michigan during warm fall days
November 9, 2009
Hi Bugman, many of these bugs cover my black front door which faces south. They have managed to slip through the bottom of the door into the house where they tend to creep along the floor more than fly around. It has been very warm here in Michigan (above 50 F and sunnier than usual.
Curious, Lorraine
Saline, Michigan USA

Eastern Boxelder Bug

Eastern Boxelder Bug

Dear Lorraine,
Eastern Boxelder Bugs create tremendous aggregations that may contain thousands of individuals.  They are not considered a harmful insect, though their presence is often an annoyance when they try to enter homes in great numbers in the autumn to escape the winter chill.

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  1. Toni M says:

    Hi Bugman-

    Growing up in Montana we had a lot of Box Elder Bugs living in an elm tree on our property, so I thought I knew what it was. Flash forward about 30 years, and a vine in our yard in Southern California grew some pods that are COVERED with what at first I thought were Box Elder Bugs. However, a visitor to our house told us that they are “Kissing Bugs”(the ones who bite you at night and can cause Chagas Disease). While doing a Google search, I found the identical bug listed as both a kissing bug and a Box Elder Bug, so now I am confused. Are they the same bug or do they just look pretty much identical? I took several pictures of the bugs on our vine just in case I have to make a beeline for the County Health Department!

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