New friend in Iowa
November 7, 2009
This little guy has taken up residence on our porch, is he doomed with the onset of winter just around the corner?
Granger Iowa

Marbled Orbweaver

Marbled Orbweaver

Dear Worried,
We love your photo of a harmless Marbled Orbweaver, Araneus marmoreus.  It is a highly variable species, and BugGuide illustrates the variety quite nicely.

Thank you
Fennecky, for bringing it to our attention that we did not answer the question “is he doomed with the onset of winter just around the corner?”  First off, he is not doomed, she is doomed.  This is a female spider.  Orbweavers do not live more than one season, and hopefully she will have laid eggs, ensuring a future generation.  If kept it captivity under optimal conditions, it is possible that a female Orbweaver may pass the year marker, but this would be a rarity.  The onset of a frost and freezing temperatures will probably end this gal’s life.

3 Responses to Marbled Orbweaver

  1. Fennecky says:

    A very pretty picture… but you never really answered the main question. Is the spider doomed? Please, end this cliffhanger for us!!!

  2. Mark Stewart says:

    As far as i know once she lays her eggs she herself is doomed so sad

  3. Mark Stewart says:

    I mayself just found on its my first one ive ever seen

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