Is this a tiger moth?
November 6, 2009
My friends and I discovered this beautifully colored moth on a handrail outside of my school. We couldn’t find anything quite like this bug on the internet. My school is located next to a nature reserve if that helps any.
Marina D.
Miami, Florida

Echo Moth

Echo Moth

Hi Marina,
You are correct in speculating that this is a Tiger Moth in the family Arctiidae.  More specifically, it is an Echo Moth, Seirarctia echo, a species known from Florida and a few nearby states.  This is the first image we have received of an adult moth, though we have received a few caterpillar images in the past.  BugGuide has only one photo of an adult Echo Moth, but more may be viewed on the Wild FLorida Photo site.

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  1. spring says:

    i just found one of these moth caterpillars! i took a photo with my iphone if you would like to have it. He was chomping away on a young oak tree seedling.

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