Is this bug a cochroach?
November 6, 2009
Hi. I live in Westfield, NJ and over the passed month we’ve been finding these little bugs that move pretty fast around the house. Usually in the living room or kitchen. We’re not sure if they are cochroaches or not but we’ve laid a couple of bait traps around the house. So far we’ve spoted/killed around 8 this month.
What do you think? Thanks!
Union County, NJ

Cockroach with Ootheca

Cockroach with Ootheca

Hi Michael,
Your photo shows a female Cockroach with her ootheca or egg case.  She is lacking the two parallel longitudinal dark streaks on the pronotum that identify a German Cockroach, so we are uncertain what species of Cockroach you have.  Your letter indicates that you have a species that infests homes, and the German Cockroach would be a likely candidate except for the markings.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to identify the species of Cockroach for you.

Suggestion from Eric Eaton
Wow, I have no idea.  I’d suggest contacting Dr. (?) Betty Faber at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.  She knows roaches very well and will surely recognize this one.  I’ll be interested to know myself!

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Location: Union County, New Jersey

3 Responses to Cockroach with Ootheca

  1. Piotr Naskrecki says:

    This is a female of an introduced (but not pest) species of European wood roaches, Ectobius pallidus. They can get into houses, but will not thrive there.

  2. Wynona Burgstiner says:

    In the last month I have killed 2 roach like similar to the one in the photo from NJ. Except they are not what I would identify as German roach and these fly. They actually have wings and fly. The two killed look exactly like the photo but have wings that seem to be smaller than you would expect. They do not fly for long distances probably no more than 2 feet, but boy they are fast. Now I have one I found dead this morning that apparently expired due to exterminator spray. As everyone know the south has a real problem with roaches because of the ideal climate for breeding. I wonder if this insect is a new introduced species?

  3. Cesar Crash says:

    It carries its egg case just like Blatella. Then I searched the closest of Blatella with black body and red legs, and it is Ischnoptera deropeltiformis. May be not, cause this image in BugGuide shows black femora:

    But distribution is OK:

    And the ootheca is very similar:

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