cicada has a headlight?
November 6, 2009
In my closeup photo of a cicada’s (“a”) head, I noticed a bright red spot between his eyes, above his ‘nose’, which sure looked like a ruby-colored glass lens! I found the same thing on a second cicada (“b”), so it is not some weird anomaly. Also, it looks like there may be a cluster of the spots across his ‘forehead’, sorta like on a spider, but the other spots are aimed ‘up’, so I didn’t notice them at first. Maybe they’re additional eyes, maybe some other sort of sensors, but for sure, they do look strange!
West Palm Beach, Fl

cicada with embedded camerain head???
How can I upload a pic of this guy to you? I have a decent frontal headshot which shows what looks like a red camera lens embedded into his skull. Couldn’t be a secret govt robot spy? could it?

Cicada Head

Cicada Head

Dear seekertom,
We loved your first impression, and we have taken the liberty of posting both of your letters to us.  Cicadas like most insects have three primitive eyes or ocelli as well as the two large compound eyes.  The ocelli are sensitive to light and in conjunction with the compound eyes, they provide the insect with two distinct types of vision.

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