Stone Grasshopper from Namibia

Well camouflaged namibian grasshopper November 29, 2009 Hi, In january this year i found a strange grasshopper on a mountain in Kaokoland, Namibia. The mountain is located adjacent to Hoanib river, somewhere between Sesfontein and the border to Skeleton Coast NP. It is extremely well camouflaged, and moves like a chameleon (back and forth, back … Read more

Northern Giant Flag Moth Caterpillar from Arizona

Caterpillar at Meteor Crater, Arizona November 29, 2009 Can you help me identify this caterpillar? He has black segments and orange and yellow segments. He’s about half as long as a US bill. He is really furry. Jennifer Meteor Crater, AZ (near flagstaff) Hi Jennifer, Our first impression was that this had to be a … Read more

Leaf Mimic Grasshopper from Borneo: Systella dusmeti

Leaf grasshopper from Borneo November 24, 2009 This grasshopper mimicking a yellow leaf was found in Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Borneo at approximately 1600m elevation in January 2008. I would be grateful for help to discover its species identity. Peter Bruce-jones Kinabalu NP, Sabah, Borneo, altitude c. 1600m Hi Peter, This is quite an amazing … Read more

Crow Butterfly from Malaysia

black butterfly with blue spot November 27, 2009 This is a butterfly specimen I got from my teacher. From the upper view, the bigger front wing is black in colour with some blue spot at the edge. However, with the black wing may appear to be purple blue in colour with the correct light reflection … Read more

Orange Albatross from Australia

orange butterfly November 27, 2009 This is also another butterfly specimen I got from my teacher. It’s size is not very big, the wing span is about 6cm. The wing is orange in colour with black line running along it’s wing skeleton. Kit Malaysia, tropical rain forest Hi Again Kit, The Butterflies of Malaysia website … Read more