Melonworm Moth

this guy landed on my brothers desk at work October 22, 2009 this guy landed this past monday october 20th 2009 on my brothers desk at work in plano tx. it sat there wiggling its tail side to side. kris plano tx Hi Kris, With its distinctive wings and tufted abdomen, it is not likely … Read more

Green Hover Fly from Florida

Fly With Green Eyes, Green Body October 22, 2009 My friends and I do alot of macro pictures of bugs and came across this fly with large green eyes and a metallic green body. Can you tell us what it is? Bob in Florida Tampa Bay Area of Florida Hi Bob, After unsuccessfully searching BugGuide, … Read more

Crane Fly

Can you help me identify this bug? October 20, 2009 Found and took a photo of this bug with long legs, wings and a pointy rear end. Can you please identify him for me? Thank you. Alex Tosh Presidio, San Francisco, CA Hi Alex, This is a nice detailed image of a Crane Fly.  They … Read more

Wheel Bug

six leg, flying, single fang insect October 21, 2009 Hi guys, This insect has been hanging around my house for a few days now 10/21/2009. I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh PA. Current temp is 60 ish. The insect was found clinging to a window screen, it also like painted block walls. The body … Read more