Caterpillar Eater
October 29, 2009
We found these bugs all over the place. They seem to be foraging for caterpillars that are also very heavy this year. They look like caterpillars, but only have six legs. Also, they will dig a hole in the ground and leave their back end lying outside of the hole. Any ideas on what this is? We’ve lived here for four years and have never seen anything like it.
Shaune Martinez
Sandia, TX

Caterpillar Hunter Larva eats Cutworm

Caterpillar Hunter Larva eats Cutworm

Hi Shaune,
This is a beetle larva in the genus Calosoma, commonly called Caterpillar Hunters.  There are several species of Calosoma in Texas, and it is impossible for us to determine your exact species.  The Fiery Searcher, Calosoma scrutator, is one possibility.

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  1. tdj1983 says:

    I live in Northeast Arkansas and for the last two weeks or so we have woke up every morning to these little catapillars creeping under the backdoor into the kitchen floor. Throughout the day they make there way all around the house. I have found them burrowing into the carpet even. In the last couple days they have been accomponied by little black centipede looking critters with hook like fangs on the front…really creepy. I think they are what you have described, but I’m not sure. We have no house plants but I still find the little egg clusters everywhere; inside and out. We live next to a bean field so is it immpossible for me to get rid of them?

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