Very Entertained.
October 27, 2009
I know you guys get messages and comments all the time saying how wonderful your site is. But, I just wanted to add one more things to your list of comments. Your site is very entertaining to me. I cought myself staying up til 4 in the morning just looking at all of the different kinds of bugs you guys have posted. I know, I’m a nerd. I am just so creeped out yet intrigued by insects. Especially the spiders. I always see an interesting bug and try to stop and look at it but my husband doesn’t seem as entertained by it as me so I have to move along. Now that I have found your site I can look at bugs for hours on end. I also love it because I am a new mommy and every time I see a new bug in the house or around my newborn, I wonder what dangers it is bringing or if it is beneficial. You he lp those worries go away. Thanks and keep up the great work!
Amber suarez

Thanks for your sweet letter Amber.  We always like getting new fans.  Since we have no plans to disappear from the internet, when your child begins to grow, hopefully you will be able to use us as an educational tool.

How do I become a member?
I’m sure this question has a very obvious answer but how on earth do i become a member to this site? I have looked high n low but only found one place where it says log in but nothing about registering.. Do I have to make a donation to be a member? Thanks again for taking time to reply to my previous babble. 🙂

Hi Amber,
Our site does not have a membership.  Anyone may write in, but alas, we are unable to post every submission we receive.  We select letters at random, often based on the subject line of the email.  Our services are free to anyone, but again, sending in an identification request is no indication that you will receive a response.  Though we do have a donation option, this is entirely voluntary, and donating to the site is never a guarantee that your letter will be posted.  Since we are such a small operation, we cannot provide unlimited access.  Thanks again for your interest.

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