Lawn Shrimp or Househoppers

Sky Shrimp?
October 25, 2009
After a recent rain storm in the Los Angeles area, a friend of mine reported that there were thousands of the small insects(?) scattered all over her driveway and sidewalk. I’m usually pretty good at identifying the odd arthropod, but this one eludes me. They may be associated with a tall palm tree outside the house, but that can’t be verified.
It looks like a shrimp, or some larval form. Can you pinpoint this?
Sir Real
San Dimas, CA (East Los Angeles area)

Lawn Shrimp
Lawn Shrimp

Hi Sir Real,
These terrestrial amphipods are called Lawn Shrimp or House Hoppers.  They live in shrubbery and are most fond of ivy.  They ofter are not noticed until they enter homes in large numbers after a rain and promptly die.

Sky Shrimp Identified
I don’t know if my last retraction came through, so I’m duplicating the effort.
Very much like the last person who wrote-searched-found-wrote, I am in the same boat. Only after I wrote my question, I read through to another person searched after they wrote. So did I. Yes, your search engine is functioning well within parameters.
THANKS for the great site.
Sir Real

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  1. I found Lawn Shrimp in my pool after a hard rain. There is a palm tree over this area where they were found— in Belize Central America.

  2. I have a bunch of dead bugs in my car port that look like lawn shrimp…we’ve had lots of rain day and night in Maui…the house is raised so hopefully if there are more won’t get in the house. I have palm trees…I’be been here 9 months and never saw before


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