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Fly With Green Eyes, Green Body
October 22, 2009
My friends and I do alot of macro pictures of bugs and came across this fly with large green eyes and a metallic green body. Can you tell us what it is?
Bob in Florida
Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Syrphid Fly

Hover Fly

Hi Bob,
After unsuccessfully searching BugGuide, we were going to post your photo and enlist help from our readership, but one last ditch effort led us to Ornidia obesa, a species of Syrphid Fly, commonly called Flower Flies or Hover Flies.  Seems this species has a somewhat dubious reputation.  According to BugGuide:  “It breeds in human latrines and other semiliquid wastes
” and “It is known to carry bacteria of public health importance (Salmonella, Shigella and Mycobacterium). The species is also beneficial as the maggots can convert coffee-production waste products into useful protein sources for cattle feed.”  We found reference that this species from the New World tropics has spread to the Old World Tropics as well.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to Green Hover Fly from Florida

  1. Marjorie crowell says:

    It’s a green hoverfly

  2. Jerry Nagy says:

    We have a few of the Green Hover fly around the flowers here in Bradenton Fl. It is the first time I have seen them.

  3. i have the green hover fly in my back yord always in the same placei can walk up to itraise my hand to it and it follows my hand up or down or in a circle can get eithin about 2 inches i think it likes mee

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