small tick-like insect with pinchers
October 21, 2009
I found it on my bedroom wall on 10/21/09.
Central Massachusetts



Hi Lori,
Pseudoscorpions are harmless predators that are found worldwide.  Because of their small size, they are rarely noticed except whey they are discovered inside homes.

3 Responses to Pseudoscorpion

  1. Dorie G. says:

    Pseudoscorpions make great housemates! Have only seen a dozen in my home of 22 years, but all of them have been well behaved and they obviously are helpful in ridding me of other “creatures” I wouldn’t want to get over populated. Thank you for educating us!

  2. Neal says:

    Me and my wife found 1 of these bugs in our bathroom and we never seen a bug like this before and have never seen a pubic crab before either, and thought thats what it was, so freaked out so we took a pic of the little guy and did some research and are very happy to say it wasnt a pubic crap lol. It was 1 of these lil psuedoscorpion

  3. Anil Bhatta says:

    I found this bug on my school room.
    I asked my teacher about this bug but they did not reply me anything.
    Then I thought to research about it. And too I got it

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