What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Ekbom Syndrome
October 21, 2009
Here at the University of Georgia we are conducting a research project on Ekbom Syndrome (the clinical name for delusory parasitosis). We know responding to these individuals can take a lot of your time, so please feel free to refer them to us at 706-542-9033 or Insects@uga.edu.
Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle

Dear Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle,
We are posting your letter as well as including it with earlier postings that we believe are Delusory Parasitosis.  Hopefully you will be able to help these unfortunate sufferers.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

8 Responses to Help for Delusory Parasitosis

  1. smwt99 says:

    I’m sorry, but it burns me up when I hear talk about “delusory parisitosis”. While I’m sure there are some cases – ones where folks “think” they feel something crawling inside them,etc, but to just blatantly assume the couple mentioned in the story has “delusory parisitosis” without examining them or the things they say are crawling in and out of their skin, just encourages others, especially doctors, to diagnose someone with this mental disease without any facts. Why would you assume the couple is delusional, especially while they provided pictures of the things they say they’re pulling off themselves?

    Anyone who’s read any of my posts knows i’m very sensitive to this subject since I have twice gone to a doctor (one a dermatologist and one a ER physician, both in Newport News, VA), for help with my mostly skin condition (I do get them out of my nose on almost a daily basis, sometimes out of my mouth, from between my teeth, and in my stool) and have twice been called “delusional” and FORCED into a mental hospital against my will, thrown in the back of a police car, handcuffed behind my back. The first time I was forced to stay 8 days and the second time, 5 days. I only got out when I slyly admitted to the Psychiatrist that I was “feeling much better” and “didn’t think I had worms anymore”. This is what they thought all the meds they were force-feeding me, were “helping” me see. Bullcrap.

    All the while, there are parasitic worms in every lesion on my body – clearly visible with a 6x magnifying glass – with big round eyes and a pointy probiscus. These doctors never even examined me, looked at any of my hundreds of pics, or hundreds of worm samples I’ve pulled out and off of my body. Can you pls. tell me a way I can just post some pics? I can post what I pulled off my skin just yesterday.

    Please doctors – these things are real, there’s NOTHING delusional about me, and if anyone would just take the time to look at these things, I might be able to find a cure for this nasty, horrific disease that’s ravaging my whole body. Do I have to die (I’ve asked my family to make sure an autopsy is done if I die) to prove to the world that I have some kind of creeping crud and I need some help getting rid of it!!!

    Best regards,

    • bugman says:

      You may submit images using the Ask What’s That Bug? link on our site. Please put Parasites in the subject line.

    • Jody L Owens says:

      omg I feel the exact same way.

    • Lacie says:

      Bless your heart smwt99. I believe you. I know drs and others think this is crazy, but like you, I have many mb of pics and videos clearly showing with magnification these “bugs” .
      Being a science teacher for 17 yrs now, I KNOW there are no known insects or worms made by God responsible..
      I think this phenomenon can be best explained by Morgellons.
      I do not see an upload to post pics.
      Really would love to share.
      I’ll ck the help function and post again.

  2. Rosemarie Marrone says:

    I believe I have something living in my hair. It attacked my neck first and then my ears and the last my scalp. It’s embarrassing to go out and scratch like a dog with fleas.. I have scabs all on my neck.

  3. Javon webb says:

    Hello I feel all of you.I too was called the police on by sw medical integris hospital..when I went in to emergency with my 11 year old twins with me.thedoctors refused to lol asst anything under three micro score.my pic on phone but did look at what they call dry / dead skin between fingers.the nurse embarrassed me so bad an had my son embarrass and ashamed to admit thathe to has them on him.the police tried to arrest me and reside my children.I guess my payer with because they allowed me to go ahead songs leave with my babies.but now it’s what not only muy hands arms and legs but my hair and scalpand ears are infestedit’s totally embarrassing being around people because I never know when their going to start irritating itching and jumping out.although their tiny is noticeable.

  4. Dan says:

    I am experiencing the same symptoms and have seen numerous doctors and dermatologists that try to give me crap drugs as dermatologists had says this is really bothering you!! No I’m here because I got nothing else to do with my time of course it is today’s medical field is nothing but a joke it’s more money in the help and care of humans can somebody tell me what exactly this bug whatever-it-is)!!!

  5. Starry says:

    I stumbled across this article & all the posted replys to it,, during my research of what I assumed was some kind of bug, parasites,or mites,,looking for some kind of answer,,trying to figure out what it could be! I tried telling a couple people about what I was dealing with but they didn’t believe me! And being an ex-addict( clean for 4 months now,?) they automatically assumed that I was back on drugs & they said it was from the meth..I tried showing them pics I took & other things – still they dismissed all that! Made a few rude jokes here & there,,like my being sober was just a joke,, Cause I couldn’t just tell anyone & definitely not everyone,,hell it’s embarrassing, especially if you don’t even know what the hell is eating away at your body,, you have no name of it ,you have no idea where it came from & no idea of how to JUST TO MAKE IT DISAPPEAR,I’m a pretty happy person,with a most of the time POSITIVE ATTITUDE & POSITIVE VIBES,& trying to change my life around but it’s starting to make me depressed & isolating myself to my bedroom! Which I spend a lot of time to myself,my choice! But this was too much! And just when I thought I had gotten rid of them ,like maybe for a week or so–i was just so like” AWWW,YES their gone”:But all of sudden their they are again! ?I want apologize for being so long,,there’s alot of different things to say about it but it all fits together!OK I will say first I’ve been going through the same thing,,all the posts I read,I was happy that someone else knows & is dealing with it as well,,I mean in the happy way of “IM NOT ALONE,,ITS REAL”! So I mean I wouldn’t want anyone to deal with it,,SO IM NOT CRWZY OR HIGH!! ALL THE THINGS THAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING,,LIKE ITCHING, BURRING UNDER MY SKIN,BITING ME,AT TIMES I CAN FEEL SOMETHING CRAWLING ON ME,,GO TO LOOK I DON’T SEE ANYTHING, THEY’VE CAUSED LESIONS ON MY BODY,mostly my face & arms, THEY MOSTLY START BOTHERING ME AT NIGHT, ,I feel drained ,tired, depressed!! ? I’ve seen the black specks on me,,seen them in the beginning disappear down into my skin,,fast to! Yuck! I’ve seen what looks like glitter,black strainds of hair that actually moves on its own,that blew my mind! I seen white lint I guess you could call it,a couple times it look like a tiny piece of a feather,,AND ONCE SOMETHING FELL OUT OF MY HAIR,it looked like some kind if small fly,idk it had wings! And I feel them everywhere,,there’s no place they won’t go, someone had posted about freckles,,yes it looks like I got more freckles on my legs & arms than I should have,again APOLOGIZE for being so long, They are everywhere,my nose,mouth,ears my body & my EYES! It really freaked me out when I seen them in my eyes,I know their not contagious,thank you God! They also have eaten away some of my hair,my lesions have mostly gone but you can still see like a print of where one was ,my skin turned so dry,my hair stopped being soft,& sometimes when I washed my hair,blow-dry it it looks dirty ,oily like I haven’t washed in a few days,,and also they be gotten in my eye brows & lashes,& eating away at them too! Well I think I have covers most of what I’ve been dealing with,I’m sure I left a few things out,, anyways I haven’t been to see q Dr,,don’t have money to! Been doing home remedies,I mean there was a couple times I wanted to just pour gasoline on me,,that’s how bad they were! I don’t understand why when I think I’ve gotten rid of them & you go somewhere & bam they come back! WTF,, so I’m seeing here is that it wouldn’t do me any good to go to one,! WELL THEY EITHER KNOW WHAT IT IS OR THEY DONT! IF THEY DON’T KNOW THEY CAN FIGURE IT OUT! With all the stuff that’s out there to help them with,,tools, DNA,blood,,idk but ” IN MY OPINION,I BELIEVE THEY KNOW” & why their not helping us ,,well idk real reason yet but I think it’s to suite their own hidden agenda! So if we all would just band together & demand an answer,by protesting or go to Washington or something,I’ve been only dealing with this for a little over a year,I’ve read that some people have dealt with it for 3,5 even like 8 years,,& nobody knows what it is or knows how to cure it! Think about it,,& it can’t be all in our heads,, WE ARE NOT CRAZY! THERES TO MANY PEOPLE THAT HAS THE SAME SYMPTOMS & SO THEY JUST LET US KEEP LIVING WITH BUGS,, OR WHATEVER IT IS,,MITES,,IDK,, instead of trying to do research ,tests,, SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Is it going to take someone to die
    first or going blind!
    We shouldn’t have to wait till a life is loss,,hell in 8 years they could of already had it figured out & named! I bet the government has the recipe on how to get rid of them? Ok so sorry so long! I hope a few read this & let me know your thoughts about it,, besides being to long,,lol , lots of caring vibes I send to all of you going through this bullshit! Lots of love and peace ☮️ ✝️

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