Purple headed grass hopper or katydid
October 15, 2009
Found this fella hiding out in a toy dump truck. Could you please help me identify it? We live in Foley Alabama about 7 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.
South Alabama bug guy
South Alabama, 7 miles from the beach.

Red Headed Meadow Katydid

Red Headed Meadow Katydid

Dear South Alabama bug guy,
Your description nearly nailed it.  This is a Red Headed Meadow Katydid,
Orchelimum erythrocephalum, a species found in the southeastern states.  You can get additional information on BugGuide.

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  1. M. Woesner says:

    Hi, I recently photoed a female (I know that after I found out what a ovipositor is). I wi8ll post a photo soon, with surprises. M. Woesner

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