Hey Daniel;
Came by with a specimen that came waltzing into my studio.  It graciously allowed me to catch it, although I don’t know how much air it will need…it’s in a Tupperware container on your porch…

California Trapdoor Spider

California Trapdoor Spider

Last night, we arrived home from work to find a food container on the front porch with this gorgeous male California Trapdoor Spider, Bothriocyrtum californicum, inside.  Seems our Mount Washington neighbor had him wander into her backyard studio which we learned upon checking our email.  The unseasonal October rains have triggered the mating instinct of the male California Trapdoor Spiders and is causing them to wander about in search of mates.  After posing for this photo this morning, we are releasing this randy guy in a vacant lot around the corner.

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Location: California

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  1. cmarterk says:

    The second graders found a male Trapdoor spider (very emaciated) on mt washington elem. campus this morning. I’m about to let him back onto a south-facing slope, in hopes he’ll find a mate. Seems to me their romantic wanderings of the males could be tied to the onset of rain?

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