red bug taking over my yard
October 10, 2009
This bug is invading my yard. They are multipiling like crazy. So far they are just eating weeds. But what happens when they run out. I have chickens they wont eat them, and for that reason Idont want to use poisons. I believe this is a new bug to this area and I think its going to take over.

Red Bug Aggregation

Red Bug Aggregation

Hi Kim,
Interestingly, these really are Red Bugs.  The species, Scantius aegyptius, is not native, and according to BugGuide, has only been reported from California.  It does not have a common name, but is in the family Pyrrhocoridae, the Red Bugs.  The UC Riverside Website lists its origin as the Mediterranean.  The UC Riverside Website states:  “Scantius aegyptius, an old world pyrrhocorid bug, native to the eastern Mediterranean region, was documented for the first time in North America in Orange County during June of 2009.  Reports of this insect from other southern California locations (i.e., Riverside County) suggest that this insect has been established for a year or more prior to these Orange County collections.
”  The website also indicates:  “Damage: The literature contains very little information regarding the biology of S. aegyptius and Scantius species in general are not considered to be economically important species.  In California, Scantius has been observed feeding on the developing seeds and stems of Knotweed (Polygonum spp.) and Malva (Malva parviflora).  It is likely that S. aegyptius will feed on the seeds of several species of annual herbaceous plants.  The most noticeable impact of S. aegyptius in California will likely be the presence of large numbers of nymphs and adults migrating from drying annual weeds into adjacent developed areas.  These migrations consisting of thousands of individuals can be very conspicuous and lead to large aggregations on small patches of host plants causing concern to local residents who notice these obvious aggregations.

Red Bugs

Red Bugs

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17 Responses to Red Bug

  1. Regina says:

    these bugs are showing up in Iowa too.

  2. Doretta Jones says:

    They are in Louisvile Kentucky too

  3. maryann kartz says:

    I have thousands of these red bugs everywhere.. I saw they were mating recently.. And now there numbers have increased. There are little babies everywhere.. You will see 50 or more on a single weed in the yard.. Very freaky.. Englewood Florida..

  4. Kathy P says:

    We just noticed hundreds of these bugs along our fence line. I live in Fullerton, CA in Southern CA. We were wondering if our drought has something to do with it since we no longer water anything but our flowerbeds (these aren’t in the flowerbeds yet).

  5. Shannon says:

    They are in Oregon.

  6. Devin says:

    How to get rid of them?

  7. Wendi says:

    Showed up in the native wildflower beds this Spring 2016, installed beds last Spring. My ox-Eye sunflowers foliage is seeing damage but not sure if this red bug is the problem yet.

  8. Reggie says:

    I have millions of these in my ash tree! Southwest Missouri

  9. Mary says:

    we have gazillions in our yard!!! along with them are some inch long blackish/gray bugs that sometimes stick together…like backend to backend. When the blackish/gray bugs are squished, red looking “blood” oozes out. I’m in South Texas.

  10. Diana says:

    I just found few dozen of them on my house here in Windsor Ontario, Canada. Is there any chance for them to nest inside my house?

  11. Rich Atmore says:

    We have them all over the ranch in Ventura California

  12. Ruber says:

    We have millions of them in Menifee CA!

  13. Justin says:

    Here in north eastern ohio as well in the grass beside my back door

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