Orange-red bug with odd ridged tail
October 10, 2009
Dear Bugman,
I’m trying to help my son with a Science project, but can’t figure out what this bug is! We found this little critter scampering across the kitchen floor in our typical suburban neighborhood, Can you help?
Bug-ignorant Dad
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Unknown Assassin Bug

Corsair Bug Nymph

Dear Bug-ignorant Dad,
This is some species of Assassin Bug, and it appears to be an immature specimen since the wings are not fully developed.  We matched it to an unidentified Corsair Bug nymph posted to BugGuide, also from Oklahoma.  The person who posted those images states:  “Found under a rock.  Hopefully these shots are better and maybe the ID can be gotten further.  I know from past encounters with these that they are fairly quick and agile. So, when I turned the rock over it started making it’s escape. I didn’t have a container so I caught it in my hand and carried back to the house (a little over a quarter mile). I’m glad it didn’t decide to stab me with that proboscis!
Members of this genus are reported to have a very painful bite.

Thanks so much for your help.  It’s great to see that people with expertise in this field are willing to help those of use who are basically know – nothings.
Have a great day,

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  1. drswanny says:

    This corsair is in the genus Rasahus.

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