What are the larve all over the kitchen floor ?
October 5, 2009
Hi, about once every couple of months we get this spread of larve crawling all over the kitchen ceramic floor. They don’t seem to be coming from the pantry, but we have found the grub making their way into a bag or raisens in the pantry but not much more. The also seem to like to congregate near the bottom of our dirty broom ( do they like grease ?). What is their insect form ?
Geoff Brimhall
San Diego, CA

Maggots in the Kitchen

Maggots in the Kitchen

Hi Geoff,
These fly larvae are Maggots, and they feed on decomposing organic matter, perhaps in the kitchen garbage can.  Try emptying the trash more often to see if this curbs your problem.

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  1. Judy Chernoski says:

    how do I get rid of kitchen maggots

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