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October 3, 2009
I have lived in Florida since 1979 and I have necer seen one of these.
I went out side my house around 10:30 last night and this bug was sitting on some deco blocks next to my house. He didnt git scared of me even though I got with in an inch of him. It looks to me that he has atleast 12 leggs and an unusual pattern on his back.
Orange county florida

Muskmare and Mate

Muskmare and Mate

Dear Meto,
The female Two Striped Walkingstick, Anisomorpha buprestoides,
is known as a Muskmare, and she is carrying her diminutive mate on her back.  BugGuide has additional information on this species, which is capable of spraying a noxious fluid into the eyes of an attacker with amazing accuracy, so beware.

Thank you I am glad I didnt try to catch it. Is it harmfull to pets?

Somewhere in our archives, we believe there is an account of a pet being sprayed.  The effects wear off and do not create any lasting damage.

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