Hasarius Andansoni
September 30, 2009
Okay, so I did send this little woman in for identification, but I went further and started to look more on my own. This is a female Andanson’s House Jumping spider. It took me a while to find because it isn’t a native species, but rather has been imported from somewhere in Asia. (I am not sure where specifically.) I don’t really expect you all to post this, but I figured you might like the photograph of this little spider to be identified, and seeing as to how you don’t always have the time… (Kudos for all that you do identify, not really sure how you do everything that you do.) Thanks for your time, and of course I shall be continuing to follow this page for anything unidentified to try and help out where I can.
Lttlechkn… Tina
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Jumping Spider:  Hasarius andansoni

Jumping Spider: Hasarius andansoni

Hi Tina,
We always say that getting our attention in the subject line is key to getting us to read letters.  That holds especially true for scientific names that we do not recognize.  With that said, we are thrilled to post your photo of an exotic Jumping Spider not endemic to Hawaii.  While we do not feel we have the necessary skills to accurately confirm or deny your identification, we can correct an error in your typing of the scientific name.  The genus name, or first name in the binomial, is capitalized.  The species name, or second name in the binomial, is always lower case.  Thanks so much for your submission and also your persistence in resubmitting your image with an identification.

4 Responses to Non-Native Jumping Spider from Hawaii

  1. lttlechkn says:

    I completely forgot to mention that I did have the Bishop Museum Scientists, here in Hawaii, verify my identification. They themselves have a nifty little website dedicated to identifying the species of Hawaii. Here is a link to the posting as well. http://ask.bishopmuseum.org/wordpress/index.php/2009/09/30/jumping-spider/ Also thanks for the tip on the correct way to type the scientific name. I hope the knee surgery went well, and heals properly.

  2. Luc says:

    This species has been known to Hawai’i, Kaua’i and O’ahu since 1876. I don’t see what you’re so excited about. These spiders are everywhere here yea

    • bugman says:

      Goodness gracious, what a killjoy. Since we run a global website, we are always thrilled to get new species to our website, even if they are common at the site of the sighting. We will not apologize for our enthusiasm. As the curator of an insect museum, we would think you would appreciate the fascination the public has for bugs, even common species.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks bug man just found this in my bathroom and I was relieved to find that is was not dangerous

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