Golden Orb Weaver?
September 24, 2009
I just found this beautiful spider (about three inches long including the legs)… s/he built a web in the mint in my front yard. Am I right in guessing this is a golden orb weaver?
Heather in IN
Bloomington, IN

Banded Garden Spider

Banded Garden Spider

Hi Heather,
Your spider is not a Golden Orbweaver, but another species in the same genus, the Banded Garden Spider.

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  1. Dennis Hatch says:

    I use to have several garden spiders that look like the golden orb weaver in my back yard. I was always careful not to disturb their webs or hiding place while mowing and weeding but they have been gone for the last couple years after they developed the fields behind my house. Maybe you can tell me why they are no longer as plentiful here as they were. Thanks, Dennis

    • bugman says:

      Most likely the missing fields. Habitat destruction often leads to the loss of native plants and animals. Open space helps to preserve species diversity.

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