6 yr old bug scientist needs your help again
September 21, 2009
Earlier this summer, you helped us identify a silver argiope orb weaver that we found outside my son’s school. Since then, he’s found a Golden Orb Weaver in our back yard that we identified by using your sight. Over the weekend, she suddenly disappeared for a couple of days and we wondered what happened to her. Well, this morning, we found out. She was back – and with a very large egg sac.
I’ve attached pictures of her both before and after the egg sac appeared.
My son would like to know if you have any idea how many baby spiders we can expect and how long it will take them to hatch. Also – will the mommy spider survive this process?
Thanks for your help!
P.S. I tried to send this earlier today, but got an error message and couldn’t tell if it went through so if you get it twice, I apologize.
Mom of future “bug guy”
Aliso Viejo, CA

Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

Dear Mom of future “bug guy”,
Several hundred spiderlings will emerge from this Golden Orbweavers Egg Sac, probably between 200 and 500.  Since you live where there is a mild climate, they mother spider might survive to see her spiderlings emerge, but in harsher climates, the Egg Sac will overwinter and the mother will die.  When the spiderlings emerge, they will balloon away on the wind on silken threads to disperse whichever way the wind blows.  They can travel quite far on the wind.

16 Responses to Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

  1. Rita Barber says:

    Is it common for the same spider to make two egg sacs in the same season?

  2. Lydia F McMurphy says:

    We have been watching one for at least a month, right outside our living room window. Today, after a hard rain, a wasp came looking for her. She hid from it as usual, and we thought it was gone. A short while later, she was just hanging by a thread, dangling from the bush. I went out and put her back in the bush, but she’s not moving. Is she dead? Any chance she’s just paralyzed from a single sting? We are devastated. Her egg sack seems safe though. Will they be OK?

    • bugman says:

      We are unable to speculate on what actually happened. Orbweavers only live a single season. A wasp would not sting and leave a spider behind, unless the wasp was frightened off after stinging the spider. The eggs should hatch in the spring.

  3. Great information. Thank you! We love watching these spiders around our home in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest. We currently have two egg sacs we are watching. Unsure if they’re from the same mother or not, but we haven’t seen either mother recently. Is it common for the mother to travel very far to make multiple egg sacs? Or are they relatively close to one another? Will she keep an eye on all of them?

  4. Lisa J Smythers says:

    I have two orb weavers and one has put her egg sack at the top of my living room window out in the open. I live in SW Virginia and it gets cold soon. Will they hatch soon or in the spring and if in the spring will they be safe or do I need to put something to protect them.

  5. Susan says:

    Mine has laid 3 egg sacs! But now the sacs look like they are drying up. Is that normal?

  6. Teresa says:

    My orb spider was very large. She was a black and silver in color. She has left 5 egg sacs. They are the creamy golden color. Since in Texas will they hatch now or in our March spring?

  7. Laura says:

    A spider laid one of these on my back sliding door. I’d rather not harm it, but it would be helpful to move it to clean the door! Is there a safe way to move the sac, and is there a preferable new location to choose? We live in the Midwestern US, so it will be cold and snowy over the winter.

    • bugman says:

      You may try gently removing the egg sac and placing it in a sheltered location where it is somewhat protected from the elements.

  8. Jenna says:

    We’ve had argiope aurantia by our front door for about a month and it gave birth last night against our living room window. We can see the eggs inside. It is very neat.
    I’ve been trying to figure out how long it will be until they hatch, but I’m confused. Could you help?

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