Assassin bug dining on Japanese beetle
September 20, 2009
While out scouting for butterflies, I came upon this slightly grizzly scene of a wonderful assassin bug dining on a Japanese beetle. Glad it wasn’t me!
This was taken on June 30, 2009 in Orange County, VIRGINIA — the original OC 🙂
Lynne from Virginia
Orange County, Virginia

Wheel Bug eats Japanese Beetle

Wheel Bug eats Japanese Beetle

Hi Lynne,
Thanks for sending your wonderful Food Chain documentation.  More specifically, the Assassin Bug is a Wheel Bug.  We are sure your photo will bring great joy to many gardeners who are plagued each year by the appearance of the scourge, the Japanese Beetle.  The invasive exotic Japanese Beetle appears in great numbers each year and feeds on many ornamental and food plants, including roses.  We have heard that this year in Ohio, the Japanese Beetles can still be found despite the late date.

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