What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Bug with a red head and wings
September 19, 2009
These bugs were found near the window on a 90 degree day in Los Angeles. There were several of them in the window sill and up top towards the top of the window frame.
San Gabriel, CA

Flying Termite

Flying Termite

Hi Andrew,
This is a reproductive flying Termite.  We are uncertain of the species and one of our readers may be able to provide that information.  When conditions are right, often on a warm sunny day after a rain, Termites will swarm in their nuptial flight in preparation for mating and starting new colonies.  After mating, the Termites shed their wings and often homemakers will discover the shed wings near the points of entry for the new colony.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

6 Responses to Flying Termite

  1. phobrien31 says:

    We just had a very large snowstorm. The snow on the deck is covered with dead winged termites. I have not noticed any swarming in the past. I see no indication of any of them in the house or basement. Portion of basement closest to deck is un-finished and joices are visible. No indication of any damage. no visible tunnels.
    After the snow melts, I will investigate under deck. Do snow storms cause them to swarm?

    • bugman says:

      We have never heard of termites swarming in the snow, but this is a most interesting report. We are curious what our readership thinks of this.

  2. phobrien31 says:

    Note. I am located in the Maryland suburbs of Washingtin, DC

  3. breann says:

    I think I have found the flying termites on my carpet in the house. Looks like the picture and I have found two from like two weeks of each other. Is this a sign that my house is infested?

  4. Angel C says:

    I just got back to my room and had left my window open but it has a screen on it. Anyways I found these termites all over the floor of my room and my bed. We killed them and also sprayed some raid on the carpet and my bed. Do you think my bed is ruin or infest. Can my bed still be saved?

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