beautiful moth from southern Turkey
September 17, 2009
Hello! I took this picture of a moth on the hills above the southern coast of Turkey. I was told it was native to that part of Turkey and one island of Greece and nowhere else. I use it in the masthead of my blog, so would love to be able to name the species.
Hope you can help – thanks,
southern Turkey – near Eşen / Fethiye

Tiger Moth

Cream Spot Tiger Moth

Hi Cath,
This is a Tiger Moth in the family Arctiidae.  We will contact Julian Donahue, a lepidopterist who specializes in the family, to see if he can provide a species identification.

Julian Donahue responds
It’s the Cream-spot Tiger (Arctia villica); widespread, from southern England through Europe and western Asia and North Africa.
Julian P. Donahue

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