September 16, 2009
Hi Daniel…It has been a very long time since we last chatted, so I hope all is well! I see you are still going crazy with WTB and writing a book as well (how the hell do you guys fit it all in with your other responsibilities????), so kudos for that!!
My son wound up at he Cleveland Institute of Art and is studying glass and is totally loving it. My other son, is heading to Drexel tomorrow to study film and video and hopefully to make movies! Maybe a documentary about glass blowing or bugs!!
I wanted to let you know that I developed a website and just put it up online. It is totally dedicated to those of us that are completely addicted to bugs and I hope it will become an outlet like your site for them to get a fix, when insect rehab is simply out of the questions or the perils of bug withdrawal (like winter in the northeast) are knocking on the door.
I thought you and your WTB aficionados might really enjoy it. It is called Bug Addiction: Confessions of a Bug Addict and is at
Look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts on the website….Dave
David Moskowitz

Hi David,
We are thrilled to promote your new website.  We will take the time to peruse it this weekend.

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