Is this a grasshopper?
September 14, 2009
This bug has been hanging out with me for a while now. First it was on my front porch hanging out on the hibiscus and just the other day it was in my room. I put it outside many times and it always comes back. Now I just let it hang out in my room and it just stays sitting in the same spots.
Virginia Beach, VA

Greater Meadow Katydid

Greater Meadow Katydid

Hi Malia,
Grasshoppers have much shorter antennae than this Greater Meadow Katydid does.  We believe the species is Orchelimum minor, based on images posted to BugGuide.  The red eyes and green face are quite distinctive.  Your individual is a female as evidenced by her sword-like ovipositor, and she is missing one leg, which may have happened because of a run-in with a predator.

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  1. Bob says:

    Just found one of these on my deck here in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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