What is this Grasshopper?!?!?
September 13, 2009
Hi Mr. Bugman!
I am a ninth grade student down in Texas, and I am doing a Biology Pre-Ap project on Arthropods. I caught this grasshopper (actually, my dad did 🙂 in a dry creekbed. The pictures are of the side, top, and bottom view. I was wondering if you could Identify it. Please and Thanks!!!  Please help!!! Due date coming up soon :). Thank you for all of your help. I might need more soon!
Student in Need
San Antonio Area, Texas



Dear Student in Need,
We do not condone parents doing homework for students which constitutes academic dishonesty.  We feel the same about identifying the four photographs you have sent to us, though we applaud your honesty in admitting that these identifications are needed quickly for a school project.  The purpose of this project is to teach necessary skills that you would not be getting should we identify all of your requests for you.  Since this is a research project, we would recommend that you try to identify your three grasshoppers on BugGuide by browsing through the Grasshoppers in the suborder Caelifera, and that you try to identify the Skipper by browsing through the superfamily Hesperioidea also on BugGuide.  Even if your identifications are incorrect, you will be learning the fundamentals of taxonomic classification and eventually learning the correct answers in school can become part of a learning dialog.

Eric Eaton Comments
September 16, 2009
I very much like how you handled this identification request!  Should you eventually want to post this somewhere else on your site, I can tell you it is a female in the genus Syrbula.  I think both species occur in Texas.  Males are smaller and dark brown with ivory markings.

6 Responses to Grasshopper identification needed for Biology Pre-Ap project!!!

  1. mackenzie2012 says:

    i do not like the fact that you didnt help with the identification of this bug…when your bug collection is a for a 100 point grade and your teacher doesnt give “well i’m glad you tried” points that the experts should help!

  2. mackenzie2012 says:

    the whole point of this website is to help people identify bugs…

    • bugman says:

      Dear mackenzie,
      Thanks for recognizing that “to help people identify bugs” is the point and not for us to do all the work. For this reason, we gave this person enough links and clues to begin to do the research, which is the entire point of the project. We did assist. We still believe that we handled this in an appropriate manner. If you do not like the way that we handled the situation, then you are entirely free to never visit our website again, and we will not hold it against you. We do not feel guilty if the person working on this collection did not get a 100 point grade because it would be doing a disservice to education to be given a grade that was not earned.

  3. mackenzie2012 says:

    i understand that you didnt want to do the work for the student and yes i’m glad you gave him links..but he was trying to do the research on your website…but i understand your reasoning…this is the only thing about the site that i do not like and i don’t think that that is enough of a reason to stop visiting it..it has been very helpful with identifying bugs for my own biology bug collection =]

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for the confidence. We are a little sensitive to students actually doing their own work since we teach.

  4. mackenzie2012 says:

    again..i understand..my teacher gave me a list of websites to use to identify my bugs and this one was at the very top!! it has helped me a lot!!

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