Mating dragonflies
September 10, 2009
I saw these dragonflies in my garden a few days ago (in September). I thought it was interesting that they were able to fly while coupled together. Fortunately they landed on a lovely pink dahlia and allowed me to take some close-ups of them.
I thought these would be a good addition for your bug love category, but identification would be great too!
Brandon A
San Jose, CA

Mating Dragonflies

Mating Variegated Meadowhawks

Dear Brandon,
We haven’t the time to properly identify you beautiful mating Dragonflies at the moment, though we believe they are Skimmers in the family Libellulidae.  Hopefully, we can do a proper ID later, or perhaps a reader will provide us with an answer.

Thanks so much to Karl who sent in a comment identifying these Variegated Meadowhawks, Sympetrum corruptum.  There are numerous images on BugGuide.

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  1. kkroeker says:

    Looks like a lovely pair of Variegated Meadowhawks (Sympetrum corruptum). We don’t see them very often up here in Canada, but I believe they are quite common throughout the western USA; less so in the east. They prefer drier habitats. K

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