Blue bug with translucent wings
September 6, 2009
I was laying in bed with the TV on at night and my cats kept indicating there was a bug (they usually meow a certain way). I looked at the ceiling and could see the shadow of some sort of flying bug. I turned the light on and the bug was not there. I looked hard for it and couldn’t find it. I turned the light and a minute later the cats were freaking out again. I looked up and there was the shadow. I turned the light on again and I could not see it. So I stood on the bed and looked closer at where the shadow at been. There was a small flying bug, about an inch long and maybe 2 inches or width, with almost translucent blue/green wings. I killed it immediately but it was odd b/c I’ve never seen anything like that.
SW Missouri (Ozark, MO)

Lacewing smashed for no reason

Lacewing smashed for no reason

Dear Marti,
This Lacewing is a [relatively] harmless, beneficial predator and it did not deserve to be smashed for entering your home.

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Location: Missouri

4 Responses to Lacewing Carnage: Smashed for entering home

  1. lace says:

    yes even though my name is lace these little guys are my nemesis. while much to my mom’s dismay i go out of my way to even relocate black widows out of my house, (hobo spiders are another story with my kidney disease), i have to say that i have been bitten by more “harmless” lacewings than anything else. while their bite doesn’t hurt very bad it does cause me nasty nasty hives and some shortness of breath if benedryl isn’t taken quickly. the little buggers have claimed my front porch, and while i won’t spray them i have been known to slap one for bitting, although mostly i try and flick them away when they land on me without causing them harm. they bite anyone who dares to come on my porch after dark. granted no one else gets hives, but the bites aren’t fun. (i refuse to sweep even empty spiderwebs away in hopes that more lacewings get trapped)

    i use this site all the time, it has been most helpful in satisfying my creepy crawly curiosity, including helping identify the first ever California harvester ant that i have ever seen in my thirty years living at this location. i just want to say that what may be harmless for you may not be harmless for everyone else. lacewings seem to bite with no provocation either. i’m sure my allergy is rare, but i know by my hives and the squeals of those bitten that they aren’t quite harmless.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for providing your perspective on this. A member of our editorial staff was recently bitten, twice, by a Lacewing Larva, and a tiny welt did appear and it itched for approximately 24 hours. As more and more information gets disseminated at an ever quicker rate, we are learning that many things we once believed are being proven to have been misconceptions. More and more allergies are being revealed, and it is shocking the number of people who are allergic to the once innocuous peanut that formerly formed a staple for so many school lunches. Many years ago, we began to form a radical theory that Mother Nature is fighting back because of the way humans are destroying the planet. In the future, we will try to qualify our claims that things are relatively harmless, beginning with this posting.

  2. lace says:

    thank you very much for acknowledging that the little buggers bite. i happen to be the. 001% for many allergies including about twenty rx meds to date. i am also allergic to aloe which is quickly becoming a problem because companies are putting it in everything, including the gloves my hospital uses, and many foods. they think it’s beneficial and can charge more for my hives. Aloe allergies are quite common but no one seems to notice it. In my family we even have metal allergies, while i only get a small rash from certain metals my aunt can actually stop a watch. granted my crazy allergies are probably connected to my auto immune disorder but everybody is allergic to something, they just haven’t been exposed to it yet.

    i was originally leaning towards entomology as a kid but the oil spills during my childhood made me want to focus on marine invertabrates. Alas my health has prevented both, but i can still explore the critters in my yard. My mom is deathly afraid of spiders and was determined not to pass on her fears to me she seems to have done too good of a job. Aside from recurring nightmares of Swarming wasps and bees i love all the little guys. ill have to add my story of being in the middle of two warring nests of European paper wasps another day.

    thank you so much for this site. it makes my days a science project.

    • bugman says:

      We just posted a nice photo of a European Paper Wasp. Should you decide to post your anecdote in the future, please comment on a Paper Wasp image.

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