September 5, 2009
Hey there!
I just happened to stumble onto your site thru a series of random clicking on the internet. Just wanted to say you guys are awesome for pointing out when people have needlessly killed a bug. Personally, though I am not a huge fan of bugs, I think it is ridiculous to kill one just because it looks “gross” or you don’t want it in your house. I’m sure you can relate to the crazy looks I get when I tell people I don’t kill bugs, I simply put them outside unless they are a threat to my pets. Even then, I have months of guilt afterwards! Sorry to ramble, just nice to see that there are still people out there who also see the idiocy of someone shrieking “kill it, kill it” at the top of their lungs while throwing things at a tiny and often defenseless bug whose only offense was to walk across the living room floor. Thanks for showing people how unreasonable they’re being!

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