Mettalic Green Beetle
September 3, 2009
I haven’t seen one of these in the Bay Area in 3 years. I’m wondering if it is local to California, it measured about 1in long. I was able to easily catch it by hand (very clumsy bug).
Michael Blair
San Jose, CA

Green Fruit Beetle
Green Fruit Beetle

Dear Michael,
The Green Fruit Beetle or Figeater, Cotinus mutabilis, according to Charles Hogue in his book Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, was:  “Originally native to Arizona and New Mexico, it gradually spread westward and became noticeable in the Los Angeles area after the 1960s.”  Perhaps its range is spreading northward as well, possibly due to global warming, or perhaps by accidental introduction.  Adults generally fly in Los Angeles during the hot final days of summer in August and September.

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