Totally necessary carnage (lynx spider)
September 1, 2009
Hi! I just thought you might like to see this neat lynx spider who was devastating the fly population on my garbage can. Thanks for the site…it comes in useful for me all the time!!
San Diego

Green Lynx eats Green Bottle Flies

Green Lynx eats Green Bottle Flies

Hi Andrea,
Your subject line caught our attention and made us cringe.  We are thrilled to see that once we opened your email, you misidentified the term carnage.  Your photo of a Green Lynx Spider feeding on Green Bottle Flies belongs in Food Chain.  Unnecessary Carnage is reserved for human instigated killing of insects and other creatures.  So often, Green Lynx Spiders, our favorite spider species, feed on pollinating insects.  It is a refreshing change to see them feeding on pestiferous species.

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