Green Lynx sharing Hummingbird feeder
September 1, 2009
I live in central Gerogia and have Green Lynxs in my garden. Recently I saw this one perched on a bird feeder. Even as the hummingbird feeds, the spider stays true to the hunt. I hope you enjoy!
Lizella, GA

Green Lynx Spider and Hummingbird at feeder

Green Lynx Spider and Hummingbird at feeder

Hi SJ,
Your letter is the third awesome Green Lynx image we are posting today.  It is our experience that Green Lynx Spiders are attracted to pink and red flowers where they wait to ambush pollinating insects.  We doubt that this Green Lynx could capture the Hummingbird, but we posted several images a few years ago of a Golden Orbweaver that had captured a Hummingbird in its web.  There is also a photo on the internet of a Golden Silk Spider that captured a Mannikin Finch in Australia.

Green Lynx Spider on Hummingbird Feeder

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Location: Lizella, Georgia

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