House Centipede eats Mouse

Huge Bug Killed Mouse, what is it? September 30, 2009 We found this when we were checking our mouse traps yesterday. As you will notice, it is about the same length of the mouse and its thorax (don’t no if I am using this correctly, but the width of its body not including the legs) … Read more

Locust Borer

black & yellow striped bug September 29, 2009 Hi Bugman, I submitted this last week, but I think it might not have gone through. These black and white striped bugs are all over our Globe Locust trees, and I would love to know what they are, are they beneficial or something to be concerned about. … Read more

Car Grill Road Kill

Unavoidable Carnage? September 29, 2009 Hi Daniel This is not an ID request and I am not suggesting a new category – I just thought you might find this interesting. I habitually check my grill after a road trip to see what I missed, or more correctly, what I hit but might have seen had … Read more

Gulf Fritillary

butterfly September 28, 2009 Please help me identify this butterfly photographed at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge (Gulf Coast of Florida) August 17, 2009. Tom Fuller Gulf Coast of Florida Hi Tom, This is a very nice photograph of a Gulf Fritillary.

Barbary Spurge Hawkmoth Caterpillar

Caterpillar (red, black, white, yellow) September 28, 2009 Can you please identify this caterpillar? It was photographed near Lake Tizlit in the High Atlas Mountains of central Morocco. The nearest village is Imilchil where my daughter works as a Peace Corps volunteer. This is in “her” national park. The photo was made in later June … Read more