Aggregating Larvae
August 30, 2009
Don’t have much info other than that these are rather large larvae on a tree in Honduras. Photo taken by a friend of a friend.

Arsenura armidas aggregation

Arsenura armida aggregation

Dear Scott,
Over the years, we received similar images four times before we finally identified the Caterpillars as Arsenura armida, a Neotropical Silkmoth that ranges from Mexico to Brazil.  Here is a website with information on the caterpillars.  The God of Insects website has an image of the adult moth.

2 Responses to Caterpillar Aggregation from Honduras: Arsenura armida

  1. Dave says:

    A.armida: very edible!
    I tried this species in 4/10 at an international conference on entomophagy; one of the presenters had brought them from Mexico, and said that they’re farmed in the southern part of the country. Fascinating.
    They were also exceedingly tasty, if rather unusual. They were fried or rather sauteed, and tasted like a cross between bacon and jerky. Quite yummy, actually.


  2. thomas ernest jones says:

    I’m on my way to the “zona de Zongolica, localidad de Ixcohuapa, Veracruz” to study the moth arsenura armida(and particularly reports of the caterpillars being eaten there.
    I would appreciate assistance on (1) exact location and contact information and (2)
    differing reports on toxicity if eaten. Thank you. Tom Jones, Valladolid.

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