Small bug on the beach
August 28, 2009
Sitting on the beach, we were assaulted by this tiny bug. This small creature was very aggressive and leaped at us when bothered. He was roughly 1/4″ long.
Westhampton, NY, on the beach, about 20 yards from the water

Common Hentz Jumper

Common Hentz Jumper

Hi Henry
We believe we identified your Jumping Spider correctly after just a few minutes on BugGuide.  It looks like a male Common Hentz Jumper, Hentzia palmarum.  According to BugGuide:  “Males dark brown with white along edges of body, legs and jaws. Central white mark only on back half of carapace. Front pair of legs much larger than others.  Females hairier, paler in color, often marked with forward pointing triangles along the center of her abdomen

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  1. phidippus7 says:

    Actually this is a member of a very similar (in appearance) genus Marpissa. If I had to guess it is probably Marpissa pikei. To be hones,t the first one I found I thought to be a Hentzia as well.

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