Similar to a Walkingstick
August 23, 2009
This looks like a walking stick but its legs are too close together. It was found in lake wicwas in meredith NH. When placed on shore it walked back to the lake where it held to a rock on the shoreline just under water. Seen at 1:15 pm on August 22, 2009.
Wicwas Bugs
Meredith NH

Water Scorpion

Water Scorpion

Dear Wicwas Bugs,
This is a Water Scorpion, and it gets its name from the painful bite.  Though Water Scorpions do not routinely bite humans, if they are carelessly handled, they do not hesitate.  Your specimen is not mature yet as evidenced by its incompletely developed wings.  Though aquatic, adult Water Scorpions fly quite well.

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4 Responses to Water Scorpion

  1. Rex Flowers says:

    back in 1992 as I was pulling my net aboard the boat in shallow water there was some vegetation off the bottom like grass in the net, in the grass was something like a scorpion,big as the ones you see in movies, pincers and a tail split on the end with 2 stingers. any idea what it was, never saw anything like it before or after

  2. Aurora Rose says:

    Oh.So they only bite if carelessly

    • bugman says:

      Well, there are other qualification. Water Scorpions bite their prey while feeding. Our point is that that do not routinely bite humans unless they are handled or accidentally encountered while swimming or wading.

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