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August 21, 2009
About four months ago, my Great Dane (18 months) went to the doctor with bleeding ear tips caused by constant scratching and shaking of her head. The vet said she had an ear infection but did not find a mite. He gave her cream and she got a bit better, however….She soon developed small dark circular spots of darker fur on her neck..Took her back to the vet and he said it was nothing…
Eventually she got much worse…lost all sorts of fur and was extremely itchy…The vet thought mange so he put her on revolution. Finally a few weeks later she was brought back and had a ringworm test…the ringworm test was positive. That same day my landlord called to say there was poison ivy in my yard.
A few weeks later after the dog was being treated…the cat lost all the fur on his ears. He was sooo itchy just like the dog. The cat was tested for ringworm twice and was negative. A day after I broke out in little red marks that were not a bump but were like little line that were so itchy I went to the hospital..They said it looked like scabies. My vet said that the dog, cat and I could not possibly have the same mites, because the mites on them can’t live on me for more then 24-36 hours at a time and my mites could not survive on them..We have all now been treated chemically for mites, and fungally for ringworm. No avail! I am dying here, diabetic and my poor little pets are so itchy too. HELP..What else could this be? The vets are all stumped,.all three and two human doctors too!!!
K Pollock
Keswick ontario canada

Dear K,
While we empathize with your anguish and your pet’s pain and suffering, if three veterinarians and two doctors couldn’t diagnose this upon seeing the patients and taking tests, we have little faith that we lowly photography professors will have much luck.  We would also refrain from blaming bugs because of the cross species infestation, though fleas will bite cats, dogs and people as well as a host of other warm blooded creatures.  Severe Flea Bites might lead to so much scratching that there is hair loss.  Perhaps it is some other environmental factor.  Have you considered moving?  Though we have no idea what the problem could be, this is a definite candidate for the Worst Bug Story Ever section of our website, though again, we must clarify that we are not even sure that a living organism is at the root of the problem.  If you post a comment on this posting, you may eventually get assistance from one of our readers.

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2 Responses to Candidate for Worst (Bug) Story Ever

  1. jencarta says:

    I’m sorry your dog has ringworm! However, since you mentioned poison ivy, have you considered this as the cause of the itchiness and red bumps? I had a dog that would break out with bumps and get very itchy when exposed to poison oak or ivy. And for certain humans can be affected. Often when I graze against one of these plants, the bumps will form in a line. And the bumps do look a lot like scabies sometimes (usually if a severe rash develops or if the area is scratched a lot).

  2. brat789456 says:

    What about bird mites?

    …or maybe Morgellon’s disease. Little is known about it at this point but its believed to be a combination of fungus, bacteria and possible mites and in December of 08 the CDC just recognized it as a disease (instead of delusions). There are other symptoms involved also. Please research that and see. I believe it is possible for animals to have it as well as some sufferers say their pets show symptoms.

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