What bug is this please?
August 12, 2009
From Tobago, West Indies. I have another image without my hand in the picture if you would like it. The hand is for scale.
Mr. Sticks
Tobago, West Indies

Unknown Root Borer from Tobago

Callipogon armillatus from Tobago

Dear Mr. Sticks,
This is a Root Borer Beetle in the subfamily Prioninae.  It resembles the North American beetles in the genus Derobrachus, but we have been unable to quickly unearth any possible species matches in Tobago.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck in the species identification.

Unknown Prionid from Tobago

Callipogon armillatus from Tobago

This looks like Callopogon (=Enoplocerus) armillatus. The common name appears to be Giant Longhorn Beetle; appropriate for one of the largest Cerambycids (up to 12 cm!). It ranges from Panama to northern Argentina, including Trinidad and Tobago. As you say, it is a root borer (Cerambycidae: Prioninae). Regards.

4 Responses to Unknown Root Borer from Tobago is Callipogon armillatus

  1. coleop-terra says:

    Hi Karl, whats your source for this? This is indeed a Callipogon armillatus, but I didnt knew that it also occurs on the caribean islands?

  2. Sandrijn says:

    Hi Karl & Daniel,
    I found one of these big boys (head to tail 9,4 cm) yesterday in my garden in Maragogi, state of Alagoas in Brazil.
    We are suffering of lots of insects which infect our coconut trees, some of them died or dying. Can you tell me if this Callipogon Armillatus is a threat to coconut trees and if so, how to fight it without chemicals?
    PS we found a lot of so called coconut tree rhino beetles (5cm) and their larves (up to 8 cm long).. please help
    thanks a lot! By the way, super website!
    Sandrijn van Hoof

  3. ckhypsos says:

    hi, great images. My name is CK Lam and our company is doing a not for profit exhibition in Hong Kong, involving photos of various bugs and animals, and would like to use one of the your above images. Thanks

    • bugman says:

      Dear CK Lam,
      Thanks for contacting us. Since you are a nonprofit exhibition, we will grant you permission to use one of the images for your exhibition.

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