T-shaped, 4 legs
August 13, 2009
Hello, I saw this bug sitting on a wall at a train station yesterday. It has a rigid T-shaped body, it’s wings seem to be folded up along it’s body although it didn’t move so I did not see them unfold, and it appears to have only 4 legs. I was wondering what it was.
Jennifer Galler
Caledonian Road & Barnesbury station, London

Plume Moth

Plume Moth

Hi Jennifer,
Your Plume Moth makes a trifecta for us this morning.  We have posted three images of Plume Moths in the family Pterophoridae today, and like the previous two, we explained it is quite difficult to identify many members of this family to the genus or species level.  We can tell you that your Plume Moth does have six legs.

3 Responses to Plume Moth from England

  1. Sharyn Jones says:

    Having seen my first morning glory plume bug yesterday, I am curious, is it a damaging moth to clothing or other fabrics?

  2. miles says:

    I found the same one and have put it in a jar but will set it free at some point this evening after I’ve shown my girlfriend, wow plume Moth very interesting it’s mainly because it looked so much like an airplane never noticed one before it led me to finding this site. Thanks for the information.

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