Huge scary Mosquito like creature
August 12, 2009
Hi there,
We found this critter resting on the floor of our outside terrace. It looks positively dangerous…i had my husband put it in a tupperware for the meantime as it seems a bit risky to leave it flying around. I would say it stands approx 1 inch tall and 2 inches long and its spiky proboscis looks to be around 5mm long…It mostly black with a redish abdomen and a white marking between it’s eyes, its legs and thorax are hairy!…I just can’t get over how chunky it looks.
We live on the coast in Southern Mexico…hope you can identify it!! It’s life is in your hands!
Zihuatanejo MEX

Robber Fly from Mexico:  Archilestris magnificus

Robber Fly from Mexico: Archilestris magnificus

Hi Jenny,
We hope we are not too late to save the life of this majestic Robber Fly, Archilestris magnificus.  Robber Flies, though fierce predators, do not attack humans.  We would not go so far as to say that they will never bite, as they are capable of biting, and if carelessly handled, a Robber Fly might be inclined to bite out of self preservation.
We received our first submission of this species last summer, and that image was also posted to BugGuide where it made quite a stir.  The species is now reported with some degree of frequency from Arizona.

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