Yet another cicada killer
August 12, 2009
My technique for getting interesting photos is to NEVER leave the house without a camera slung around my neck. I don’t always get excellent results, but at least I do get a lot of shots.
This cicada killer was buzzing around the neighborhood and I was able to follow it to a garage with a ladder conveniently close by that let me follow it into the gutter….
southwest lower michigan

Cicada Killer with prey

Cicada Killer with prey

Hi Pat,
Because the Cicada prey weighs so much more than the Cicada Killer predator, the Cicada Killer often cannot take off from the ground to fly back to her burrow, so she climbs to a high spot and glides in the direction of her burrow.  We suspect that is the reason you captured this photo in the gutter.  Your documentation of a Cicada Killer and her prey is quite a score.  Thanks for sending it to our site.  We would much rather post photos of living insects than dead ones.

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