Carnage, Purely Natural!
August 10, 2009
Thanks again for providing such a great resource. I have e-mailed before about a Regal Jumping Spider in October of 2008 and have used your archives so many times to identify the critters I stumble across. You were a help again today to identify this Robber Fly that I photographed today at Troy Springs State Park in north-central Florida. Your previous example was unfortunately squished so I thought I would share my photos of a Robber Fly doing the squishing… or sucking. I also hope that you don’t mind that I recommended your page on my blog, 365 Days Through the Eyes of a Park Ranger (
Keep up the great work and thanks for the effort that you put into this site even with your busy schedules.
Branford, FL

Robber Fly eats Grasshopper
Robber Fly eats Grasshopper

Hi Amy,
First we must clarify that we do not consider Food Chain images to be carnage.  Carnage is senseless slaughter.  Your photo depicts the beauty of the natural world.  We are honored to be recommended on your blog as we have tremendous respect for park rangers.  We believe your Robber Fly is in the subfamily Asilinae which has many genera represented on BugGuide, but we are uncertain of the genus or species.  Perhaps a specialist in the Family will write in and assist in this identification.

Robber Fly eats Grasshopper
Robber Fly eats Grasshopper

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