what is this called?
August 9, 2009
I don’t see these very often, but this one got inside or I wouldn’t have had to kill it. It is a gorgeous bug, with irridescent colours and moves really fast. and i’m just curious what it’s called.
thanks, Kelli
Griffin, Georgia

Carolina Tiger Beetle

Carolina Tiger Beetle

Dear Kelli,
This is a harmless predatory Carolina Tiger Beetle, Tetracha carolina, also known as the Pan American Big Headed Tiger Beetle.  Tiger Beetles are no threat to you, your family or your home.  It probably was attracted to lights which is why it left its typical habitat of, according to BugGuide:  “Sandbanks of rivers, pastures, open, disturbed areas. Often found near water. Nocturnal, found under boards, rocks, trash, etc. during day
” and entered your home.

Unnecessary Carnage Comment
August 9, 2009
RE: unnecessary carnage
I love your site, and visit it several times a day. Many thanks for posting such lovely images and so much information (you helped me ID a one-eyed Sphinx moth here in Seattle)! I also love the fact that you tell folks when they have committed an act of unnecessary carnage, but sadly, you have been very hesitant to do so lately… Please don’t let one or two unhinged people keep you from providing a vital service- letting humans know that insects are innocent until proven guilty!
Leah S.

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One Response to Harmless Carolina Tiger Beetle: Dead after entering home

  1. Kielly says:

    I had to kill a Carolina Tiger beetle tonight after the 3rd time in an hour it directly attacked me (as in rapidly rushing directly at my head in bed. The light was on the far side. By the time it came straight at my face for a third attempt at what I can only assume was to scare me off or bite me on a territorial move. My understanding is that they are highly territorial… I was in a rarely used guest room that I think it considered as home.

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