Curious about this caterpillar
August 9, 2009
I’ve been trying to find out the name of this caterpillar but have yet to find anything even close to matching the pink of blue coloration. It was very small, 3-4 cm and very slender if that is of any help. Any information would be appreciated, thanks!
Kevin Toeneboehn
a dry forest in Puerto Rico

Faithful Beauty Caterpillar

Faithful Beauty Caterpillar

Hi Kevin,
The moth of the Faithful Beauty, Composia fidelissima, is just as lovely as the caterpillar.  You can find images of the entire life cycle on Bugguide.
BugGuide indicates that Uncle Sam Moth is another name for the adult.

Wow it really is beautiful!  I never would have guessed the adult would have a similar coloration. Thank you so much!

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