August 4, 2009
I usually freak out at any bug (especially silverfish, they CREEP me out), but when I found your website I’m instead curious rather than afraid of many bugs. A few nights ago I killed a wasp-looking bug on my door and I felt so horrible after I killed it that I wanted to look it up and I came across your site. I found out that the “stinger” was probably a ovipository-thingie (sorry, I know very LITTLE about bugs so far).
Another example is that I found a wee bug on my wall that looked like a tick (which I HATE) but instead of killing it I looked it up and found out that it was a grain weevil, so I put it outside. I can’t believe how I was so scared of something harmless like that.
The point is, I have learned a lot from this website, and the entries here have probably saved many future bugs that I happen to encounter. So, thanks 🙂
By the way, I know now the names of my favorite bugs; like the majestic luna moth, or the fairy-like wooly aphids that were in our yard a couple months ago.
Thanks for your GREAT website. 🙂

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your nice complimentary letter.  We are happy to hear that you will be researching which of the insects are beneficial or benign before killing them, but we should probably clarify that some killings may be justified.  We do not hesitate to kill grain weevils or pantry beetles we find infesting our stored foods and if you found one grain weevil on your wall, chances are good they are consuming your food or your pet’s food somewhere in the house.  We also do not hesitate to squash Woolly Aphids that we find on our apple tree.  Though the adult winged aphids might look fairy-like, they can still cause problems in the garden if they get too plentiful.  As in the case so often in so many other areas, the key is in moderation and not extreme fanaticism.  We are happy that What’s That Bug? is contributing to both your education and your appreciation of the lower beasts.

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