What is this bug??????
August 4, 2009
Please help me identify this bug! This is the second in a week of these things that has appeared at my house in South Florida. They look like mini lobsters with scorpion pinchers. Are they something to be worried about?
Mike Paulson
South Florida



Hi Mike,
This is a Crayfish and it is a Crustacean and there is nothing to worry about.

Hmmmm.  I guess it is!  Given the amount of rain we are having in Florida, the preserve behind my house has water in it, where it doesn’t usually.  I guess that’s causing crayfish to move in.
Thanks for the clarification!

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3 Responses to Crayfish, or Crawfish, or Crawdad, or Clawfish

  1. jinman says:


    You need to find somebody that can get you some pond grown crawfish, or crayfish depending on where your from. The tails are good in a gumbo or by themselves. Boil them, like a lobster, and get some Cajun seasoning to go with it. Bon apetit.

  2. Twila says:

    I saw two of them at work in the parking lot do they bite??

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